Baby Sleep Bag Alice in Wonderland


Baby Sleep Bag Alice | Product Description:

Baby Sleeping Bag: 0-9 months. 100% Natural Cotton / Padded

So cute, that you cannot help but give them a big hug. A friend that every child could cuddle, sleeping comfortably and peacefully.

This baby sleeping bag replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover baby’s face and interfere with breathing. It creates a safe and sound sleep for baby and a peaceful night for parents.
Our sleeping sacks are made of 100% Cotton textile – jersey and ranforce. The natural fabric is very gentle to the touch, comfortable and caring, and tenderly protecting the baby’s and children’s skin, letting it breathe easily.

  • The baby bag comes with pillow case all included in the price.
  • Your baby is covered and warm all night. No more kicked off covers means your baby sleeps more comfortably.
  • Bag opens from top buttons for superior fit. Side zipper with open and fold-flat design for easy diaper changes. Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat.

Size / Length: 25.51 inch (64.8 cm) Width:15 inch (31 cm), Height: 2 inch (5 cm)

Our Unique Package makes this item ready to be Superior Gift. Each item comes carefully folded in a custom cotton bag.