Our History

Let me introduce myself: my name is Nataliya and I am a mother of two beautiful kids: Anabelle and Christian: 5 Years and 1 Year Old. As a mother I want the best for my kids.

I love the idea of sleeping baby bag or a nice warm blanket, but the ones I found and are available didn’t address my other concern: comfort. Those sleep sacks made of synthetic material could cause overheating (a contributing factor to SIDS), and those made of just of cotton were not warm enough to be used during the winter months. I’ve been searching for years since my 1st baby to find the solution so my kids can sleep better and longer hours.

This is how I found Hush Products: an unique and very good quality European Brand, unknown for us here in USA. Their Products are really The Best in: Quality, Look, Feel, Design, Endurance and Over All Look. All the products are made from 100% Natural Cotton and other high quality materials. They are padded and extremely soft and warm, suited for cold winter time or chilly summer evenings.

Before I have decided to offer the products to the public I made sure I see and use each of them, so I purchased and try them on my kids. We all felt in love with the look, softness and great design of Hush Linen. My baby boy sleeps so much better, when hugged in the cozy blanket or in his tiger sleeping baby bag. My daughter loves her sweet duck bedding set so this is how I’ve decided to offer those products to others: to new moms, experienced moms and other friends and families. Our goal is only one: to offer The Best of The Best in the market and to help moms and their kids to sleep better and safer.

I am 100% positive that each of you will be impressed with the look and qualities of the products we offer. This is an unique brand made entirely in Europe: Bulgaria and every singe product is meeting all the European and USA Standards. Try them and you will be back to buy again: for your kids or for impressive presents to your friends and families. If you have any questions or you need help don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.